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My most recent startup role was Lead Software Engineer in the San Francisco office of Rinse. (Btw, have you tried Rinse? You really should!)

From day one, I strove to raise the bar.

To kick things off, I joined a temporary cross-functional team to handle the technical pieces of our corporate rebranding. I ended up contributing to and guiding the in-house portion of the design effort as well.

Our versatile frontend team created a beautiful new customer-facing experience, built with modern tooling, delivered in record time, that more than doubled the company's growth.

Screenshot of Rinse home page
Screenshot of Rinse on a mobile device

Much of the work lay beneath the shiny surface: modernizing mobile apps for operational staff, tuning API performance, creating internal tooling, making architecture decisions, managing people and process.

Our highly effective cadre of engineers pushed the company forward on everything from new code standards to optimizing old code, from increasing testability to reducing repetitive UI gestures.

The saved seconds and minutes as a result of our improvements directly translated to thousands of dollars each day saved in employee effort, significantly improving the company's profitability over time.

Most importantly for the company, I worked hard to unblock, to encourage, to take on less-desirable tasks that grew our collective productivity, and to regularly highlight the team's achievements.