Quick Consult

As CTO and technical co-founder at Medgineering, I was responsible for building out QuickConsult.

QC was an ambitious project, bringing together medical device industry talent with the companies that needed their knowledge and expertise.

Screenshot of client-facing QuickConsult dashboard

After launching with a quick question-and-answer service, we dove in to building out a full online project management platform.

Much of the initial work was a collaborative effort among the partners.

Regulatory expert CEO, business major COO, and I plotted our business model, storyboarded our user journeys, and sought our advisors' wisdom. By the time we began the engineering effort, we had a solid plan... and serious competitors.

Screenshot of a QuickConsult project payment step
Screenshot of an active QuickConsult project

Real-time notifications, automated payments, asynchronous communication, and forward-looking API-first engineering were to be the groundwork for a simple idea: making remote work easy for a traditionally in-person industry.

Screenshot of a QuickConsult QA subscription signup form
Screenshot of a Consultant profile

Medgineering (along with QuickConsult) was sold in 2017.